Privacy Policy and Opt Out


ProgrammAddict is a digital marketing exchange agency and acts as a service for its clients. We purchase digital media across mobile, display, social and video platforms.


ProgrammAddict does not collect or store personally identifiable information (PII) including name, address, phone number or email address.

ProgrammAddict may accumulate certain non-personally identifiable information through the use of cookies and pixels when you come upon our clients’ advertisements and websites. This anonymous data might include web browser type (e.g. Chrome), computer operating system (e.g. Mac OS), geographic location as interpreted from your IP address, websites visited, and other information that does not specifically identify you. We utilize this non-personally identifiable information collected from a computer to serve targeted ads to that computer based upon its browsing history. We may share this non-personally identifiable information with third party companies to pair it against other data sets. If we ever inadvertently collect PII through our service, we will not knowingly use such PII in connection with our advertising targeting services.


There are two ways you can opt-out of our ad optimization.

1.  Block cookies by entirely disabling cookie use in your browser or setting your browser to ask your permission before setting a cookie. If you entirely block cookies, this may cause some websites to work incorrectly.

2.  Opt out by clicking the link below to set a cookie which tells the our technology partners not to display targeted ads based on your information. Please note that you will continue to see generic advertising.

Click here to view your opt-out status

If you change computers, mobile devices or browsers, or use multiple computers, devices or browsers or delete your cookies, you will need to repeat this process for each computer or device and in each browser. If you choose to opt out by clicking the link above, a cookie will be added to your browser identifying it as an opted out browser. Once you have elected to opt-out our system may take up to twenty-four hours to refresh, but following the refresh this will prevent DataXu’s ad optimization system from using any behavioral data associated with your browser for targeted advertising.


Our technology vendors are members of the Network Advertising Initiative and we comply with the 2013 NAI Code of Conduct. You may also opt out of NAI members on the NAI site. To find out more and/or opt-out of NAI member cookies, click here.

Our technology vendors are in compliance with the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Code, and advertisements served by their Platforms may be served with the DAA Ad Choices icon, which notifies the user that behavioral information has been utilized to serve an ad and allows users to access and review the use of their information. To find out more about the DAA or opt out of DAA member cookies, click here.


At times, you may choose to voluntarily provide us with PII on our website, one place being the “Contact Us” page. Except as displayed in this Privacy Policy or disclosed to you at the time the information is collected, we will not share such information with any third party without your consent, except as required by law, to investigate suspected fraud or illegal activities or in connection with a merger, sale or reorganization of ProgrammAddict.


We reserve the right, at our discretion, to amend, improve, or remove portions from this Privacy Policy at any time. If at any time in the future we plan to use personally identifiable information in a way that differs from this Privacy Policy, we will post such changes here and provide you the opportunity to opt-out of such differing uses.


Any questions or concerns regarding privacy or our company can be sent to